Little Girl I Gotta Know

Little girl I gotta know, is this how ya daddy wanted you to live? Did ya grow up according to the footsteps he left in the dirt for ya? You’re a woman now little girl, and your life ain’t done growin’ yet. I met too many people who ain’t know a thing ‘bout how to live and I don’t wanna see you fall into the same lot. Now I ain’t sayin you gotta go and become your parents. You ain’t gotta grow up in the image they always saw when they dreamt about ya so long ago, but think back now child. Think about when your daddy first held ya in his hands and you was screamin’ something fierce, like you had the devil in ya. Your mamma was sweatin’ and weepin’ big ol’ tears ‘cause she was so happy to finally see ya. All the nurses cleaned ya off and they left the room and your daddy he just held ya there, close to his heart and he looked at you with his big brown eyes. He knew he had something precious in his hands. He ain’t have just a daughter there, no, he had a whole future and a life, and most of all he had love. He looked down at you with more love than you ever seen in your whole life little girl and he knew that you had a big world out there waitin for you. He saw you takin’ steps and learnin to talk. He saw you goin’ to school and winnin that spellin’ bee and he saw you fallin outta the tree when you was only ten. He saw you gettin’ kicked outta class and fallin in love, and he saw you gettin a job and makin a family to love yourself one day. He saw you livin’ little girl, oh did he see you livin. And he saw you dyin. All your life was there in front of him, all your goals and your trials and all your mistakes was right there for him to see and he loved you. He loved you so much he cried, for the first time in a long time and he held you as he cried and just kept on lovin you. But as much as he love you and as much as he see in you then, there just some things ya never see. He ain’t see ya mamma leavin when you was eleven. He ain’t see himself losin his job when you was twelve and he aint see ya cryin sometimes at night.He ain’t see ya now child. Your daddy’s gone little girl, lost to time and age. You on your own now and ya have been for a long time. You got a life, just like your daddy saw you would, but he can’t see it where he at now. He can’t see what ya have and what ya done. Would your daddy be proud of ya now little girl? Would he like what he sees in ya now? Little girl is this how ya daddy wanted you to live?

I’m here to tell you now child that you doin fine. You doin just fine little girl and your daddy love just as much as he ever did.

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